Thursday, 28 July 2016

Day of the Donut

How did I miss this? Day of the Donut is on in Sydney on Saturday 30/7 and I've only just heard about it. I have checked out the flights down to Sydney but alas there are no bargains :-(

My niece and I love a good donut and would have loved to have checked this event out luckily for us we're going down to Sydney in September for the Festival of Chocolate!

We got truly hooked on donuts when I came across a facebook page for Doughheads Donuts in Newcastle. For months and months we would tag each other with images of delicious looking donuts. Finally, about 6 months worth of drooling, we made it to Newcastle! Unfortunately I wasn't very well and only got a bit of a Top Deck donut (which was yum) but the others enjoyed a couple of donuts including the original glazed and said they were definitely worth the drive!

Doughhead Donuts - Glazed and Top Deck

We're continually on the lookout for new donut places and have had a few since our Doughheads doughy - some good, some disappointing. Many donut places have popped up over the last 12 months so it's no wonder there is now a Day of the Donut!! In Sydney we came across Short Stop Cafe who had a yummy range of donuts on display - so what's one to do but try one. We had the Boston which is a donut filled with delicious vanilla cream custard topped with chocolate ganache, yum!

Short Stop Cafe Barangaroo - Boston Donut

Are you a donut fan? I think they've come a long way since the traditional cinnamon donut became popular. I still don't mind a hot cinnamon doughy but do find them a bit dense and quite often but they are nice with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

What's your favourite donut? Do you have a regular donut shop you visit?

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs head donut lover

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