Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Gifts sent near and far

Now we've sent a lot of gifts over the last 12 years and it got me thinking, where is the most popular place they've been sent to? My guess is somewhere in NSW or VIC, narrows it down a bit but still a pretty big area. Another question I had was where is the most furtherest (yes, it is a word!) that one of our gifts has been sent to. I do remember a few years ago one being sent to Christmas Island, so I'm thinking that may be the gift that's covered the most distance but who's next? Somewhere in WA or NT I guess.

I started digging and doing some searching and this is what I came up with:

Most popular area: Seems to be the inner suburbs of Sydney - seeing as so many people live in that area it's not a huge surprise.

(2nd) most furtherest: Port Hedland in WA is approximately 5,313km from Murwillumbah! Google says it would take me about 35 days to walk it, not likely lovey!! It's approx 11hours by plane and 57hours by road - plane it is :-)

and then I thought it would be fun to see if we had sent a gift from a to z - ie a gift to a town starting with a, b, c, d etc You get the idea??

My findings were very interesting. I love a bit of useless trivia :-)

We've sent to all letters of the alphabet except one, can you guess which one??


If you know anyone who lives in Xantippe WA how about you send them a lovely hamper from us ;-)

Far and wide our gifts do travel, I wouldn't mind travelling along with some of them and seeing more of our lovely country. Might head north and make my way around the top of Oz, zip down the middle and checkout Ayres Rock, then across to Perth and follow that around to Adelaide and over to Melbourne and then back up to NSW. Just need a chauffeur now, any takers??

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