Friday, 8 July 2016

3 Ideas for Keeping Warm

I feel the cold. Possibly because I'm of a slim build but I just know that I have always felt the cold. My hands are always cold even on a nice warm day, bad circulation most likely.

Anyway, 3 things I have found to help keep the cold a bay for me and am currently doing or using daily at the moment!

1. Clothing (obviously!) - socks (knee high), singlet top and a light long sleeve top under WHATEVER I am wearing, slippy boots (for home only - never for public!)

2. Sunny spot - open the blinds/curtains as early as possible and let the rays inside
2b. If there is no sun a steaming hot cup of coffee/tea hits the (sunny) spot and is also great for warming your hands!

3. Heat pack - these are wonderful, possibly just like a hot water bottle. I have one which I've had for ever and use it on those really cold days where I just can't get warm. Especially on those cloudy, rainy days where the sun doesn't make an appearance. I heat mine in the microwave for 3-3 1/2 minutes and the warmth lasts for hours! This is also great for evenings when I'm snuggled under my blanket on the lounge - the blanket holds in the heat all night. Sometimes it's so toasty I don't want to go to bed!

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