Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Poem For Mum

Mother's Day is coming up soon - for those who celebrate the Australian version of the day, this year it falls on Sunday 11 May.

Our mums do so much for us and more often than not we only realise just how much they sacrifice for us as we grow older or even become mums ourselves.

Here is a poem that I found online which I thought was very apt:

Thank You Mum

I know how often I took you for granted
when I was growing up.
I always assumed you'd be there
when I needed you...
and you always were.
But I never really thought about what that meant
till I got older and began to realize
how often your time and energy were devoted to me.
so now, for all the times I didn't say it before,
thank you, Mom...I love you so very much!

- Author Unknown

If you are feeling creative this Mother's Day why not write your mum a poem of your own.  If you find your words somehow are not a reflection of your feelings, then maybe one of our gifts will suffice.

We have an interesting selection of Mother's Day gifts including our Afternoon Tea Hamper and Cravings - Pick Your Mix which I am sure your mum will love.  Don't forget to order a special little something for yourself if you are a mum too (or even if you aren't) - after all you deserve it too!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Aftermath Of Easter

So how did your household fare? 

Did your kids have a sleepless night in anticipation of the Easter bunny refusing to go to bed or were they in bed eagerly awaiting the arrival of the great bunny himself?

Was it chocolate for breakfast or did they eat their cereal before tucking into their Easter stash?

Were the kids bouncing off the walls after consuming the majority of their Easter chocolate or did they pace themselves in order to make it last as long as possible.

I always ensure I eat a balanced diet every day and that always includes a little chocolate in there somewhere (whether Easter or not).  And I always chuckle to myself when I see recipes that make use of leftover Easter chocolate.  Leftover chocolate!  What is that?  It doesn't ever happen in my household - never ever!

But I understand that not everyone may harbour the love for chocolate as much as I do so for those who end up with leftovers, here are some seemingly delicious recipe ideas.

Starting with brownies and moving swiftly onto bundt cakes, gala pies, chocolate and mint ice-cream and chocolate pancakes - there is no denying that these recipes make awesome use of the Easter treats.  So much so I might have to hunt down more chocolate just so I can make them.  And of course it goes without saying that I don't have to hunt too far to find it.

Hmmm, wonder what I will make first?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Last Orders For Easter

Well Easter is fast approaching and you have until 2.30pm Tuesday 15 April to get your Easter gift orders in so they arrive on time.  We don't want the Easter bunny to be blamed for any late deliveries unnecessarily. 

Not surprising (as they are so cute), there are only a few of our Bunny Boxes left (available in pink and mauve) - sorry guys the blue was our most popular colour and they have already sold out.

Our Rocky Road Hamper is popular at all times of the year; there is just something so decadent about the Australian made Freckleberry Rocky Road (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and fun mix blends). 

And I personally love the Double Blend - our beautiful Russian egg tins with a variety of plain and centred mini eggs for your enjoyment.  I am hoping there is one of these still in stock once Easter is over.

And who doesn't love chocolate freckles and chocolate buds?  For the die-hard fans we have a Choc Freckles and Friends noodle box - a half kilo box in fact.

I am looking forward to Easter - a long weekend and a time to recharge before the Mother's Day rush arrives.  But in reality there is always something to do here at Rainbow Designs as our gifts are popular all year round.  And if I am not sending out gifts then there is always the stock ordering and taste testing to do.  This is definitely one of my favourite parts.  We take our stock quality very seriously around here!

From the Rainbow Designs family to yours - we hope you enjoy a relaxed and chocolate filled Easter.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Nestle Or Cadbury?

Everyone has a favourite chocolate bar (or in my case more than one)!  Thinking about your favourite, does it fall under the Cadbury or Nestle umbrella?

At Rainbow Designs, we have created two new gift boxes chock-a-block full of your best loved chocolate bars to satisfy all of those chocolate cravings.

Let me show you!

Cadbury Collection

If you are a Cadbury fan then you should be very happy with this selection.  Furry Friends, Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy, Picnics, Cherry Ripes, Fry's Turkish Delight, Caramello Koalas, Dairy Milk, Snack and Caramello Chunky all get a feature.

Hard to choose which one you will eat first, right?  Pop one in your lunch box to beat those mid-afternoon energy slumps or savour one late at night when the kids have gone to bed, accompanied by your favourite glass of wine. 

And the selection comes complete with a reusable Suzani tin so you can restock whenever you feel the need - in case of emergencies of course.

Nestle Chocolate Selection

Our Nestle selection is as equally delicious.

Think Nestle Crunch, Aero bars, Chokitos, Life Savers, Kit Kats and Violet Crumbles.

"Have a break...have a Kit Kat."
"It's the way it shatters that matters."
"Get your bubble on."
"For the kid in you."

A chocolate or candy treat for every occasion, again packaged in a reusable box for your convenience.

Does your favourite get a mention?