Monday, 7 April 2014

Nestle Or Cadbury?

Everyone has a favourite chocolate bar (or in my case more than one)!  Thinking about your favourite, does it fall under the Cadbury or Nestle umbrella?

At Rainbow Designs, we have created two new gift boxes chock-a-block full of your best loved chocolate bars to satisfy all of those chocolate cravings.

Let me show you!

Cadbury Collection

If you are a Cadbury fan then you should be very happy with this selection.  Furry Friends, Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy, Picnics, Cherry Ripes, Fry's Turkish Delight, Caramello Koalas, Dairy Milk, Snack and Caramello Chunky all get a feature.

Hard to choose which one you will eat first, right?  Pop one in your lunch box to beat those mid-afternoon energy slumps or savour one late at night when the kids have gone to bed, accompanied by your favourite glass of wine. 

And the selection comes complete with a reusable Suzani tin so you can restock whenever you feel the need - in case of emergencies of course.

Nestle Chocolate Selection

Our Nestle selection is as equally delicious.

Think Nestle Crunch, Aero bars, Chokitos, Life Savers, Kit Kats and Violet Crumbles.

"Have a break...have a Kit Kat."
"It's the way it shatters that matters."
"Get your bubble on."
"For the kid in you."

A chocolate or candy treat for every occasion, again packaged in a reusable box for your convenience.

Does your favourite get a mention?

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