Thursday, 30 June 2016

Public Service Announcement

As a kind and caring person I thought I would let you know, if you didn't already know, that Coles Supermarket has their Cadbury Chocolate blocks half price this week! Just warning you though, if you live near me you'll have to beat me there as I may purchase them all :-)

Also, drum roll please, they have Pineapple blocks YUM and a new one with apple! I must try this one, research you realise. Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts? It's chocolate so it can't be bad.

Alrighty, I'm off. Chocolate is calling.....

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs only workerbee

Monday, 20 June 2016

Keeping on top of things

It is always a good thing to have people helping you within your business, especially the behind the scene stuff. I have a bookkeeper and an accountant for all taxy stuff and the like. BAS, blah but with someone else doing all the numbery things I can, sort of, stay on top of things.

I just got an email from my accountant saying that my tax return hasn't been lodged yet did I want her to do it? Yes, yes I do and thank you for following it up. It is so easy to forget to do things or ensure paperwork is filed or lodged or bills paid so having someone reminding you is great! The longer you put things off the more time consuming and possible expensive they become. Not just the extra time your bookkeepers or accounts may need to spend on putting your bits and pieces together but also the possibility of a fine. eeek.

I got myself into a bit of a pickle a few years back now and have vowed never to let that happen again. Easier said than done but generally all my businessy type things, especially relating to the tax office and my obligations, are taken care of without too much input from me. All I need to do is send through my bank statements and few little details and voila my BAS arrives ready for me to sign and pay.

Even if your business isn't make much (or anything) if it is a business, solo, partnership, whatever you need to ensure you keep on top of your ato obligations. I recommend having a bookkeeper and/or accountant to handle everything for you and to remind you what's needed and when. It may cost a little bit but seriously, the relief and weight off knowing it's all done is so very worth it!

It's almost the end of another financial year so this is your friendly reminder - get your accounts in order now so you're ready to lodge and have it all neatly tucked away and sorted for another year. There's always BAS to keep you on your toes! I do mine quarterly and it comes around so blinkin' fast!

So get to it peeps and be super organised this financial year - hopefully this will help give myself a kick up the butt and I'll actually do as I say :-)

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Today is brought to you by the letter W and a bucket load of rain

I am very grateful that I do not need to venture outside today, boy is it wild and woolly out there! I feel for you if you had to head out, stay safe!

The rain started earlier this morning and at times is heavy, I can see some flooding happening along the Tweed River again. It was only a couple of weeks ago we had flooding, I guess it's the time of year for rain and lots of it. Glad I'm not out in it.

A very big perk to working for myself is not having to go outside in ghastly weather, especially now since I am not producing any of the gifts myself personally. Not only can a become a full blown hermit but I can still participate in the comings and goings of the world from the comfort of my office (and sometimes from my lounge!). In saying this I do have to live very frugally as the pay isn't quite so hot, bit like the weather.

I'm not a fan of winter as I really feel the cold but sometimes (only if I don't have to go outside) it is nice to just snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch some trashy TV or Doctor Who!

Do you like cold, rainy days or prefer the heat and sunshine?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Chocolate, in the name of research

The other evening I was relaxing on my lounge, watching House Hunters and eating chocolate. Nothing earth shattering there but I noticed or thought I did that the taste of the chocolate was different. Still yummy just different. Have you ever noticed any difference in a family block of Cadbury milk chocolate and a bite size share pack?

I'd never really thought about it before or noticed it really but I generally only buy the family size :-). The other week at IGA they had their Favourite on a 'too good to not buy' special and in this mix are small packs of our, well favourites! This is where the taste testing started. I had a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk at home that I'd bought the week before when they were half price. Can't go passed a special like that. I actually bought a 'few' blocks ;-)

This brings us to the 'this tastes different' research, ahem. There is definitely a difference. I found the larger block nicer and a bit smoother. I wonder why that is? Or is it just me? I might have to buy the share size, snack size, family size and the larger 350g size and do a blind tasting - all in the name of research of course! I wonder if I can get some government funding?

Have you ever noticed a difference? I do know that the UK Cadbury's is slightly different to ours as we need to have a higher melt temperature, so that effects the texture/taste a bit. I just don't know why the size of a chocolate bar would change the taste. Oooo, another thought, I wonder if other brands have the same taste difference - the research expands! I like this kind of research ;-)

Let me know if you've done any research on this topic and what your results were. A fun fact finding mission if ever there was one.

Chocolate, same but different or all in the head? I'm off to find out....

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Our Top 5 Gifts of ALL Time

12 years, that's how long Rainbow Designs, the small business that could, has been around! Who'd have thought? I had hoped but you just never know when starting a business if it (or you) will go the distance. It's been a big old marathon, let me tell you, with many, many ups and downs but Rainbow Designs has survived. Sometimes it's been hanging on by just a thread and other times it's been getting gold medals and high fives. As the old cliche goes 'it's been a roller coaster ride' and I am sure will continue to be!

Over the years there have been many gifts to come and go, some just never popular and some so popular our suppliers ran out of stock but then we've had our 'old faithfuls' that have stood the test of time. Rainbow Designs started very small, with just 3 gifts all based on lollies, and over time expanded to include some glorious hampers. Some didn't worked but many found a place here at Rainbow Designs and some even became our all time favourites!

So, without further waffling, here are our Top 5 Gifts of ALL Time! (dramatic much??)

Coming in at number five with a very impressive display of modesty and chocolate goodness is:

Choco-Lot Gift Hamper - it's had a couple of changes over the years we've sold it but still remains a firm favourite, both with us and our customers!

Next up in position number 4 is:

Sweet Selection Hamper! Yay! This hamper has been with us since almost the beginning and never ceases to delight. We love this hamper!

Coming in at number 3:

Big Lolly Box! This little beauty has been with us since the VERY beginning and not surprisingly, given it's LOLLIES, is Mr Popularity!

Number 2 is another stayer and been with us since the beginning:

Medium Sweet Tooth Box! Well done you - lollies and chocolates, who would love to receive this gift??

Drum roll please....brrbrrbrrrbrrr. Rainbow Designs' ALL time NUMBER 1 gift is:

Sweet Celebration Hamper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIP HOORAY, for he's a lolly good fellow, for he's a lolly good fellow and so say ALL of us (and you!)!

As you can see our amazing customers are amazing sweet tooths! Lollies for as far as the eye can see or the belly can eat ;-)

It doesn't surprise me at all that our Top 5 Gifts are all lolly or chocolate based, that's what our business has been all about and the owner is a big sweet tooth herself!

Here's to many more chocolates being consumed and sent all across Australia to be enjoyed - thanks everyone for keeping Rainbow Designs alive, her owner appreciates it like you would not believe.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Winter is here and our Lolly Boxes are back!

And so the months whizz on by, how do you all keep up! Time's a bit of a blur and I'm finding it so hard keeping up with it all zooming by and me staying behind. As you may (or may not depending on your care factor) know we stopped our lolly and chocolate boxes with the idea of them coming back in the early part of this year. Early part of this year, gone! So much thought and pondering has been going on and finally we've flicked the switch and our boxes are back. Yay! They've only been back a few weeks now but have shown that they are still as popular as they also were. Phew!

Even though the lolly/chocolate boxes are back we made a few changes in how they're done. With this came a few teething problems but, happy days, these seemed to have been all sorted and we are back to providing fabulously yummy lolly gifts. These gift boxes are being packaged up at our super suppliers warehouse down in Melbourne, where our gorgeous gift hampers are made so I am confident that the quality and care is going to be top notch.

I am so thankful to have met such lovely people who have been behind me and my business for such a long time now, they're my own little cheer squad! To be honest, if it wasn't for them Rainbow Designs would not still be around. I've had my struggles as a small business owner, not only having to do everything on my own but not having anyone to bounce things off or just have a morning coffee with can be tough. It can be isolating and little bit scary. Working with another business has been the confidence builder and belief I have needed to keep things trucking along. It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and to step and help me out when things have got a bit tough and overwhelming for me. Yay for small business owners and their care factor.

May the lollies be with you!

~ Jacqui - Owner of Rainbow Designs