Sunday, 19 June 2016

Today is brought to you by the letter W and a bucket load of rain

I am very grateful that I do not need to venture outside today, boy is it wild and woolly out there! I feel for you if you had to head out, stay safe!

The rain started earlier this morning and at times is heavy, I can see some flooding happening along the Tweed River again. It was only a couple of weeks ago we had flooding, I guess it's the time of year for rain and lots of it. Glad I'm not out in it.

A very big perk to working for myself is not having to go outside in ghastly weather, especially now since I am not producing any of the gifts myself personally. Not only can a become a full blown hermit but I can still participate in the comings and goings of the world from the comfort of my office (and sometimes from my lounge!). In saying this I do have to live very frugally as the pay isn't quite so hot, bit like the weather.

I'm not a fan of winter as I really feel the cold but sometimes (only if I don't have to go outside) it is nice to just snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch some trashy TV or Doctor Who!

Do you like cold, rainy days or prefer the heat and sunshine?

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