Thursday, 27 August 2015

Father's Day is Sunday 6 September 2015

Father's Day is one of those events that sneaks up on us every year. While we may have dad constantly in our heart, sometimes we struggle to order the gifts on time because... well... life just gets in the way.

At Rainbow Designs, we have a great range of lolly gifts and hampers to please the fussiest of dads and here are some of our favourites.

Big Chocolate Box: $43

A very impressive kilo sized chocolate box presented in a fabulous, reusable keepsake tin.

Lollies include, but are not limited to, M&Ms, freckles, clinkers, chocolate bullets, caramel buds, milk buds, cobbers, fantas, jaffas and smarties.

Yum, yum and yum!

Boutique Beer and Savoury Snacks Gift Hamper: $130

Craft beer is all the rage at the moment and for good reason, we think this beer and savoury snacks hamper will go down very well.

You even get a beer glass and coasters - what more could dad want?

Snacks include pretzels, corn chips, nuts and salsa.

Nuts About Sweets Gift Hamper: $60

This one has it all. Nuts, fudge, chocolate covered macadamia and three noodle boxes filled with lollies.

If you want to share this one with dad, best be there when it arrives because the contents won't last long.

Big Lolly  Box: $43

Equally as popular as our Big Chocolate Box, our Big Lolly Box is a popular choice for dad.

Presented in a reusable tin, lollies include jellybabies, snakes, raspberries, race cars, pineapple, milk bottles, strawberry & creams, chicos, jellybeans, red frogs, bananas, sherbies, redskins, milko chews, minties, gummi bears and licorice allsorts.

And if that's not enough, postage is included in the price of all hampers and lolly gifts, making shopping as simple as possible.

If you do decide to order one of our fantastic hampers (marked TGH - which stands for traditional gift hamper), we do recommend you order using Express Post to guarantee its arrival before Father's Day.

I know from your gift orders that many of you are super organised, and here I am still trying to work out my father's day plans,

What will you be getting up to on Father's Day?

Saturday, 15 August 2015

2 and a half months

Say what! I can't believe Rainbow Designs has been in Murwillumbah for 2 1/2 months already - to say time has flown is an understatement! It only feels like last week that I was unpacking all my boxes and living off M&M's (what's new there though!).

Touch wood - everything has been running smoothly. Toll are just as reliable as they are in Port Macq, the lady at the Post Office is lovely and I've made one trip down to Port Macquarie for a lolly restock (and to catch up with my parents). The only mishap I have had is with a delivery that went to my old address down in Port - thankfully I could organise for it to be collected and redelivered to my new Murbah address.

New tin design We've just got in!

I've recently ordered in a couple of new tin designs, yet to go up on the website, and I love them (hopefully you will too!). I've only got in a small amount to test the waters and if they look like they're going to be a winner I'll get some more in. The designs are a retro styled cassette player tin and a 'dice' tin. I can't wait to show you! I'm thinking I'll use the retro design for the 'Cravings' gift, it sort of fits the old favourites theme - in my mind anyway ;-)

I'm going to have to start looking at Christmas gifts and get them organised as, scarily, it's just around the corner and with the way time seems to be zooming by it'll be here before I know it!

My toaster decided to stop working the other day and I was really looking forward to a crumpet with vegemite! I really liked my toaster too (apart from the 'defrost button' incident a few weeks ago (cue the smoke alarm!). Now I have to use the grill and there's great potential for disaster and the fire brigade being called! Poor me. I haven't thrown the toaster out yet just in case it decides to come back to life.

Orders have been fairly constant but it would be nice to be busier. I thought I has this google organic search thing licked when I checked to see where Rainbow Designs came up in the rankings and we were at number 2 (for gift hampers) but it hasn't equated to any extra orders - disappointing to say the least!

My family and I spent many a Christmas here when we were growing up

So what have you fine folks been up to in the last few months? Anyone moved? Gone on a cruise? Finished your Christmas shopping??