Monday, 29 November 2010

I Like Myself

We all go through days, even weeks, of not liking ourselves, not liking what we do, what we’ve done, how we did it, who we are, we compare ourselves with others (and never stack up), we don’t feel good enough or worthy enough, our self belief can take a battering and it’s so often from ourselves, we just become too critical and any small thing can set us on a downward sprial - we’re just too darn hard on ourselves!
So here are seven fabulous ways to help ‘like yourself’ all over again:
1. Don’t compare yourself with other people. You were designed to be yourself and nobody else. There is no “normal.” There is no “average.” If you rate yourself by other people’s standards, opinions and abilities you will always come up short. You are at your best when you are comfortable being yourself.
2. Stay in line with your conscience and your own moral standards. It is almost impossible to like yourself when you feel guilty. Guilt comes from doing things you personally believe to be wrong. So get in touch with your own values, and live by them.
3. Forgive yourself. When you have broken your own principles, forgive yourself completely. You’re human. You make mistakes.
4. Separate personal worth from performance. You are not your work. As Wayne Dyer said, “If you are what you do, then when you don’t, you aren’t.” So build your self-worth on your infinite value as a magnificently designed, intricately crafted, human person. Your ultimate value comes from being human. And you are a human being, not a “human-doing.”
5. Accept compliments from other people. Don’t say, “Well, it was really nothing.” Instead say, “Thank you very much.” Receive compliments and allow them to build you up. Savor them.
6. Give yourself compliments. Mark Twain said, “When I can’t get a compliment from anyone else, I pay one to myself.”
7. Use this affirmation: “I like myself.” Say it with feeling. Say it in your mind throughout the day. Say it out loud when you are alone. Say it 10,000 times over the next year. Soon you will fully feel it.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Typical Day!

If there is such a thing!
1. start up the computer and printer
2. turn on the kettle (have to start the day with a coffee!)
3. once orders have finished printing, sort them, confirm payment has been received, write out gift tags (yes we hand write each one) then update order status online (got to keep the customer informed on the progress of their order)
4. make a list of gifts needed so far for the day, groan when you realise you’re out of Snakes so need to make a mad dash to the supplier (luckily they’re not too far away)
5. go through emails, reply to urgent ones (aren’t they all) - highlight ones that can be answered later
6. see what bills need paying today, pay said bills
7. make another cup of coffee
8. deliveries arrive, unpack, check everything is there (ring supplier/courier and chase up missing carton)
9. do orders up plus process new orders
10. check emails again, reply, file, delete etc
11. box and satchel orders
12. update customers order status
13. enter orders into myob then file (or put back in bottom tray for filing later!)
14. make daily trip to Post Office
15. answer final emails
In between this we also, answer the phone, place orders, check advertising, put together newsletters, write blog posts, chasing up delayed customer deliveries, explain to 5 different people that we do not wish to advertise with them, use their Google Adwords program (no we DO NOT wish to be on the front page of Google for a cost of $5/click - anyone can do that!), donate 10 of our gifts to a worthy cause, buy their compatible ink cartridges or look after their $50,000,000 for them!
Yes, anyone can run a business but that doesn’t mean it’ll be successful, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll have customers (happy ones even) or that you can just sit in front of your computer and watch the money roll in! Owning and running a business is rewarding but also very demanding, don’t make flippant comments about ‘being able to watch Oprah, go to the beach everyday, sleep in, go to bed early, go shopping everyday, go on holidays whenever…..) it may look easy but looks can be decieving, money and customers don’t grow on trees!
Rainbow Designs - stressful oneday, perfect the next