Monday, 28 October 2013

Buying Gifts For Men

Apparently buying for men is difficult - we hear this from our customers all the time.  Until they discover our website that is - we hear that a lot from our customers as well.

Shopping for the boys in your life need not be hard particularly if a) they like to drink or b) they like to eat. Think about their likes and dislikes and pretty soon you should be able to narrow down a gift or two to suit.

If he likes beer - then we have 10 - yes 10 beer gift hampers that he may appreciate.  This would include lovers of ale, cider or lager.

If wine is his thing, then we can help here too or coffee for that matter.  See how easy it is!

Moving onto the next course, is he into pizza, Spanish or Moroccan cuisine or prefers tucking into some sushi or pancakes perhaps?

And we can't forget dessert.  Does he like ice cream or is he more of a cheese lover.  Does he have a sweet tooth?  If so he might enjoy one of our lolly, chocolate or fudge gifts or perhaps licorice or ginger is more to his taste.

If you really want to make an impression then consider sending his gift to his workplace - that way his colleagues will be envious of his gift and the thoughtful gift giver behind the gift.

See - we aim to please!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Christmas Sneak Peek

As Christmas is only 9 weeks away, we thought we would give you a sneak peek of what we have on our website so you can start creating your wishlist and working on your budget.

We love our reindeer at Rainbow Designs and have three gorgeous gifts featuring a reindeer (or two) in some shape or form.  Our favourite is the Reindeer Delivery pack for $55 which features a cute reindeer plush toy along with candy canes and chocolate stars.

Rocky Road seems to be very popular at any time of year so we know our Rocky Road Christmas Tin adorned with (you guessed it) reindeer is going to be a bestseller at only $50.

And the It's Christmas tin at $45 featuring some very lovable reindeer and a delicious array of malt balls, festive coloured freckles, chocolate coated peanuts and everyone's favourite, the good 'ole Jaffa, will have you wishing you ordered one for yourself.

If you are planning a Christmas party, whether at work or at home, no Christmas table will be complete without the Rosey Apple Xmas Gift featuring 25 (yes 25!) Rosey Apple Lollipops.  And what's even sweeter is that it will only set you back $30.

And of course it's not Christmas without our Penguin Sweet Tooth Gift Box for $41, chock a block full of mixed lollies and chocolates.

The Be Merry gift pack features a very practical over-sized taupe mug, chocolate baubles, a gingerbread star and a fabric star ornament.  At $40, this gift is perfect for those "hard to buy for" work colleagues and family members.

All Christmas gifts are available to order from November 2013 and all of the prices mentioned above include delivery charges.

We hope you enjoyed our sneak peek and we look forward to receiving your Christmas orders.  We anticipate the little elves at Rainbow Designs are going to be very busy this year.

Monday, 14 October 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Isn't it amazing how a box of candy can take us immediately back to our childhood.

A handful of lollies can sum up delicious memories with each bite.

Do you remember walking to the corner store to get your lollies, standing there hesitantly with your two 20 cent coins trying to work out which ones you wanted to buy.  One of those thanks...two of those...and one of those...and another of those...

Do you remember sitting in the cinema with your Maltesers and when the lights dimmed threw one or two on to the unsuspecting heads in the front row?

Do you remember walking home from the swimming pool with your snakes in hand, stretching them out and chewing their heads off before they had a chance to bite you?

Do you remember quizzing your family and friends on the name of the Fantales wrapper and making a game out of it?

Do you remember sucking all the white sugar off the jellybeans and then sucking them down until they were almost non-existent?

Do you remember trying to guess the colour of the clinker before you ate it?

Ahh those were the days!

What lolly conjures up sweet memories for you?

Monday, 7 October 2013

When The Postman Rings

I love the sound of the doorbell ringing alerting me to the fact that a parcel has been delivered.  The anticipation of opening the parcel and seeing the contents inside is very exciting, particularly when I am not expecting anything.

Magnify that feeling by at least 20 and you can understand how I feel when the new stock arrives for Rainbow Designs.  In this case it is not just one small box, but a number of really large boxes full of delicious treats and gorgeous packaging, and that thrill, even after all these years is still there.

As I am opening the boxes, I can imagine packaging the goods up for those that order and seeing the smiles on the faces of those who will receive them.  We take pride in our products and our packaging and do our utmost to ensure that our customers are 100% happy.  Just check out or reviews on WOMO to see what some of our customers have to say. 

I enjoy this time of year as it means that even more parcels are being delivered to our door than usual to cater for the festive season ahead.  Christmas gives us the opportunity to be more creative and elaborate with our packaging – I mean who doesn’t like penguins frolicking in the snow and I know that our three Japanese inspired fudge tins are going to be very popular.

While I do love to receive gifts (I mean who doesn’t!), the pleasure of giving (even as a store owner) definitely beats the satisfaction of receiving a gift – every time!