Monday, 14 October 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Isn't it amazing how a box of candy can take us immediately back to our childhood.

A handful of lollies can sum up delicious memories with each bite.

Do you remember walking to the corner store to get your lollies, standing there hesitantly with your two 20 cent coins trying to work out which ones you wanted to buy.  One of those thanks...two of those...and one of those...and another of those...

Do you remember sitting in the cinema with your Maltesers and when the lights dimmed threw one or two on to the unsuspecting heads in the front row?

Do you remember walking home from the swimming pool with your snakes in hand, stretching them out and chewing their heads off before they had a chance to bite you?

Do you remember quizzing your family and friends on the name of the Fantales wrapper and making a game out of it?

Do you remember sucking all the white sugar off the jellybeans and then sucking them down until they were almost non-existent?

Do you remember trying to guess the colour of the clinker before you ate it?

Ahh those were the days!

What lolly conjures up sweet memories for you?

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