Monday, 7 October 2013

When The Postman Rings

I love the sound of the doorbell ringing alerting me to the fact that a parcel has been delivered.  The anticipation of opening the parcel and seeing the contents inside is very exciting, particularly when I am not expecting anything.

Magnify that feeling by at least 20 and you can understand how I feel when the new stock arrives for Rainbow Designs.  In this case it is not just one small box, but a number of really large boxes full of delicious treats and gorgeous packaging, and that thrill, even after all these years is still there.

As I am opening the boxes, I can imagine packaging the goods up for those that order and seeing the smiles on the faces of those who will receive them.  We take pride in our products and our packaging and do our utmost to ensure that our customers are 100% happy.  Just check out or reviews on WOMO to see what some of our customers have to say. 

I enjoy this time of year as it means that even more parcels are being delivered to our door than usual to cater for the festive season ahead.  Christmas gives us the opportunity to be more creative and elaborate with our packaging – I mean who doesn’t like penguins frolicking in the snow and I know that our three Japanese inspired fudge tins are going to be very popular.

While I do love to receive gifts (I mean who doesn’t!), the pleasure of giving (even as a store owner) definitely beats the satisfaction of receiving a gift – every time!

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