Monday, 30 September 2013

Corporate Gifts To Suit

As we are head into October, many companies start planning their Christmas corporate gifts in advance, whether they are being sent to clients or to thank their employees for the hard work done throughout the year.

Christmas is always a busy time for organisations as they are trying to finish up all the work before the year end, tie up loose ends and all with reduced staff numbers as people are making use of their holiday leave.

Don't be left wondering what to buy your clients and staff; be prepared so the festive season becomes a breeze to navigate and enjoy.

Our range of corporate and Christmas gifts are designed to suit organisations of any size and style.

We have a number of traditional executive gift hampers to please such as this Christmas Bubbles Gift Hamper (pictured above) which features Moscato, Brandy plum pudding and fruit and nut chocolate.

For those looking to personalise their gift, we can add your logo onto our confectionary noodle boxes (pictured above) at no extra charge (minimum order 20).  These are extremely popular and delicious too!  

Our Bag of Sweets at $4 per bag is perfect for organisations with younger staff members or kids (minimum order 20) and for the ale lovers we can offer The Ultimate Ale Box

These are of course just a sample of the corporate gifts we offer, so make sure you browse Rainbow Designs to see the full range on offer. 

We have worked with organisations all over Australia and look forward to assisting your company with their corporate gifts this year.

For your corporate enquiries, please email Jacqui at and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


It's so quiet today I'm not sure why I got out of bed! Swings and Roundabouts lately. The last few weeks, come to think of it it's been the last few months, it's been refreshingly busy - I've sprung out of bed (well maybe not 'sprung'!) at 6.30am excited for what the day would bring. There's been lots of fabulous orders, customer enquiries, corporate Christmas quote requests and it just felt like the upward momentum had finally hit Rainbow Designs this year - hooray!

Queue today and zilch - the momentum appears to have stopped, dead. WHY?????

I'm getting close to just giving up, then only problem is Port Macq doesn't have many job opportunities for me. Although, it would probably be cheaper to close Rainbow Designs than to keep it going at the moment - my latest tax return tells me that. woo to the hoo.

I'm trying to stay positive, really I am, but it hard. (and my stupid computer does not help things!)

I've ordered some, hopefully fabulous, new packing and really looking forward to its arrival! There's a few Christmas themed gift boxes (well tins actually) as well as a couple of 'everyday' gift packaging and a 'love' themed tin (it's heart shaped and looks fabbo!) and I found my Easter 'russian egg' tins that I use to have and that were so popular but then the supplier stopped stocking - they're back baby!! I'm not getting ahead of myself though and won't order them just yet, let's see what Christmas brings first!

Today was meant to be sunny and 28degrees but I think it's taken a leaf out of my book and is grey and miserable looking :-) Doesn't do much for my mood that's for sure. BUT chin up, onwards and upwards.

I've cranked the music and am forcing (!) myself to stay positive and (sort of) focused.

Time for some lollies (have you had your quota today??)

What doesn't kill you makes you strong,


(wishing she was here)


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Monday, 16 September 2013

Feedback and WOM

We want to ensure we are doing a GREAT job and that you, our fabulous customers, are always happy when you order from us. The feedback that you provide us, whether that's online at WOMOon our Facebook page or by an email direct to us, is read and taken notice of (good and bad).

Rainbow Designs may only be a small business but we want to be a FABULOUS small business and we want you to LOVE shopping with us and to SHOUT IT from the roof tops BUT if we do something you're not happy with PLEASE let us know.

We don't mean to disappoint or let you down BUT if we do please tell us AND if you think we've done a GREAT job you can tell us that too!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Relying on Others

We all have to rely on others whether it be the bus driver to get the kids to school, the phone company to connect your phone and internet, couriers to deliver your parcels, the bank to process your's part of life. What we have to make sure we don't do is to rely on a single person or business without any backup plan if they let us down. Unfortunately I haven't done it with my business and am now racing around madly trying to find an alternative company to help me. Frustrating and inconvenient to say the least BUT I should have had a backup plan!

With Christmas fast approaching this is the last thing I need to have to worry about - finding a new supplier. It means that I'll have to rush in and possibly use a company I haven't before and not really know if they're reliable or if their products are of great quality. This week will be all about finding a replacement as I don't think my current supplier is worth the hassles of dealing with, as disappointing as that is because I loved the products I was getting from them (when they ever had stock - which is the WHOLE issue of needing to change).

So, a bit of advice, DO NOT RELY ON SOMEONE without having alternatives to go to. Follow up on enquiries often with your current suppliers etc and don't just assume they're doing 'their thing' because if you leave it and then find out they haven't done what you thought they were doing it can leave you in a bit of a bind!

Time for a coffee and maybe an M&M or two!

Have a great day and remember to eat some lollies!

Rainbow Designs - you CAN rely on us :-)

Monday, 9 September 2013

How to choose the drinks to be served for your wedding

What’s a wedding celebration without a touch of some bubbly and alcoholic drink? For one, there is always celebratory toast to cheer the newly-weds and wish them years of continuous love, dedication and a wonderful family. So what are the options for serving drinks for your wedding?

There are three options to choose from:

Offering specialty drinks

The choice of specialty drinks is best suited for weddings with limited budget on food and drinks, thus, the couple about to get married will be the one to choose the kind of drink to be served for all the guests. Also, offering specialty drinks are the usual choice of those who doesn’t want to splurge much on alcoholic drinks. Season drinks and/or sodas are the usual option of non-alcoholic drinks. Serving alcoholic drinks can be done but on a limited basis and choices, such as champagne and one or two mixed drinks with just a pinch of alcohol.

However, if alcohol is to be served, you have to consider the time of the day of your reception to suit the kind of drink you offer. Example of mixed drinks, usually served during early and summer weddings are bloody mary and mimosa or margarita and pina colada. For winter and/or evening weddings, robust merlots and Bordeaux will be the best choice.

Also, try to consider the type of menu you have chosen. If there will be red meat, you should of course choose to offer red wine, for white meat and/or fish, it should be paired with white wine.

The advantage of offering specialty drinks is that the level of alcohol drinking can be limited and/or controlled. Also, this will allow you to get some savings that you can use for other aspect of your wedding.

Limited bar availability

The bar can be opened but with limited drinks available such as beer and wine or champagne which is necessary for the toast, and of course during cocktails.  For the choices of beer, you can be a little creative by offering a variety of microbrews or craft beers.

An advantage of offering a limited bar is that the guests can choose what kind of drink or mix of drinks they would want to have (basing on what’s being offered). This goes without saying that the newlywed will not have to worry if the wine will complement the menu or if it is a good time of the day or of the season to offer such kind of drink.

A cash bar is also an option wherein you are allowing your guests to buy and pay for their own drinks if and when the complimentary drink is not enough for them.

Open bar for everyone.

Having an open, unlimited bar will highlight your generosity and unlimited budget over food and drinks, and needless to say, your guests will definitely love it! A word of advice though, make sure that there will be plenty of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available so that everyone will be covered. And make sure that you or there will be people to help you manage if some of your guests get really drunk.

If you want to have an open bar but you have a limited budget, you can offer open bar but during the cocktail only. This way, you are giving your guests all options for the kind of drink they want but only on a limited time.