Monday, 9 September 2013

How to choose the drinks to be served for your wedding

What’s a wedding celebration without a touch of some bubbly and alcoholic drink? For one, there is always celebratory toast to cheer the newly-weds and wish them years of continuous love, dedication and a wonderful family. So what are the options for serving drinks for your wedding?

There are three options to choose from:

Offering specialty drinks

The choice of specialty drinks is best suited for weddings with limited budget on food and drinks, thus, the couple about to get married will be the one to choose the kind of drink to be served for all the guests. Also, offering specialty drinks are the usual choice of those who doesn’t want to splurge much on alcoholic drinks. Season drinks and/or sodas are the usual option of non-alcoholic drinks. Serving alcoholic drinks can be done but on a limited basis and choices, such as champagne and one or two mixed drinks with just a pinch of alcohol.

However, if alcohol is to be served, you have to consider the time of the day of your reception to suit the kind of drink you offer. Example of mixed drinks, usually served during early and summer weddings are bloody mary and mimosa or margarita and pina colada. For winter and/or evening weddings, robust merlots and Bordeaux will be the best choice.

Also, try to consider the type of menu you have chosen. If there will be red meat, you should of course choose to offer red wine, for white meat and/or fish, it should be paired with white wine.

The advantage of offering specialty drinks is that the level of alcohol drinking can be limited and/or controlled. Also, this will allow you to get some savings that you can use for other aspect of your wedding.

Limited bar availability

The bar can be opened but with limited drinks available such as beer and wine or champagne which is necessary for the toast, and of course during cocktails.  For the choices of beer, you can be a little creative by offering a variety of microbrews or craft beers.

An advantage of offering a limited bar is that the guests can choose what kind of drink or mix of drinks they would want to have (basing on what’s being offered). This goes without saying that the newlywed will not have to worry if the wine will complement the menu or if it is a good time of the day or of the season to offer such kind of drink.

A cash bar is also an option wherein you are allowing your guests to buy and pay for their own drinks if and when the complimentary drink is not enough for them.

Open bar for everyone.

Having an open, unlimited bar will highlight your generosity and unlimited budget over food and drinks, and needless to say, your guests will definitely love it! A word of advice though, make sure that there will be plenty of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available so that everyone will be covered. And make sure that you or there will be people to help you manage if some of your guests get really drunk.

If you want to have an open bar but you have a limited budget, you can offer open bar but during the cocktail only. This way, you are giving your guests all options for the kind of drink they want but only on a limited time.

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