Thursday, 12 September 2013

Relying on Others

We all have to rely on others whether it be the bus driver to get the kids to school, the phone company to connect your phone and internet, couriers to deliver your parcels, the bank to process your's part of life. What we have to make sure we don't do is to rely on a single person or business without any backup plan if they let us down. Unfortunately I haven't done it with my business and am now racing around madly trying to find an alternative company to help me. Frustrating and inconvenient to say the least BUT I should have had a backup plan!

With Christmas fast approaching this is the last thing I need to have to worry about - finding a new supplier. It means that I'll have to rush in and possibly use a company I haven't before and not really know if they're reliable or if their products are of great quality. This week will be all about finding a replacement as I don't think my current supplier is worth the hassles of dealing with, as disappointing as that is because I loved the products I was getting from them (when they ever had stock - which is the WHOLE issue of needing to change).

So, a bit of advice, DO NOT RELY ON SOMEONE without having alternatives to go to. Follow up on enquiries often with your current suppliers etc and don't just assume they're doing 'their thing' because if you leave it and then find out they haven't done what you thought they were doing it can leave you in a bit of a bind!

Time for a coffee and maybe an M&M or two!

Have a great day and remember to eat some lollies!

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