Sunday, 29 July 2007

5 Things I Do Every Morning

Number 1
Turn my kettle on - I must have a coffee (preferably percolated) to get my day started
Number 2
Turn my computer on - although lately I haven’t actually been turning it off, so I just need to wake it up
Number 3
Print out the orders that came in over night and start to write out the gift tag messages. Depending how many there are I may finish this a little later
Number 4
Visit my regular online networks - Messy Desk, She-Essence, Free Business Tips and Small Business Den I love to read what other small business owners are up to, it’s always exciting and motivating to read about others successes - even their difficulties can inspire. You think ‘what can I do to help’?
Number 5
Eat my breakfast - I am trying very hard to have brekky every morning as I have read (and am now starting to believe) that breakfast or lack of can effect your mood for the rest of the day.
I normally allow myself 30-40mins to do the above before I ‘get ready’ for the day ahead. It helps me to ease myself into the day so I don’t start frazzled and stressed before it has even begun!