Tuesday, 24 September 2013


It's so quiet today I'm not sure why I got out of bed! Swings and Roundabouts lately. The last few weeks, come to think of it it's been the last few months, it's been refreshingly busy - I've sprung out of bed (well maybe not 'sprung'!) at 6.30am excited for what the day would bring. There's been lots of fabulous orders, customer enquiries, corporate Christmas quote requests and it just felt like the upward momentum had finally hit Rainbow Designs this year - hooray!

Queue today and zilch - the momentum appears to have stopped, dead. WHY?????

I'm getting close to just giving up, then only problem is Port Macq doesn't have many job opportunities for me. Although, it would probably be cheaper to close Rainbow Designs than to keep it going at the moment - my latest tax return tells me that. woo to the hoo.

I'm trying to stay positive, really I am, but sometimes...........................it it hard. (and my stupid computer does not help things!)

I've ordered some, hopefully fabulous, new packing and really looking forward to its arrival! There's a few Christmas themed gift boxes (well tins actually) as well as a couple of 'everyday' gift packaging and a 'love' themed tin (it's heart shaped and looks fabbo!) and I found my Easter 'russian egg' tins that I use to have and that were so popular but then the supplier stopped stocking - they're back baby!! I'm not getting ahead of myself though and won't order them just yet, let's see what Christmas brings first!

Today was meant to be sunny and 28degrees but I think it's taken a leaf out of my book and is grey and miserable looking :-) Doesn't do much for my mood that's for sure. BUT chin up, onwards and upwards.

I've cranked the music and am forcing (!) myself to stay positive and (sort of) focused.

Time for some lollies (have you had your quota today??)

What doesn't kill you makes you strong,


(wishing she was here)


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