Friday, 23 August 2013

Payment Options

Our most popular form of payment by our customers is by credit card, generally Visa or Mastercard (Visa just pips Mastercard), we do also accept Amex and Diners but find these are mainly used by businesses. I don't mind people not using Amex or Diners as the bank fees for these are a lot higher than regular credit cards (2 almost 3 times higher!)

Paypal is the next favourite way to pay with some days outdoing Visa/Mastercard, most payments with Paypal are by people who have a Paypal account so are using their balance - very rare but on occasion we do receive eCheque payment through Paypal. These work similar to normal bank cheques in the fact that we have to wait for them to clear first before processing the order.

We occasionally receive orders using direct deposit as payment but these are becoming fewer and fewer - a good thing about direct deposit is that we don't have to pay any fees (like we do for credit cards and paypal payments) but a downside is that we can get 'scammers' trying to get their order set before we have received payment into our bank account! Sadly I have fallen for this before BUT not any more - no orders are sent until we have received payment, no matter how urgent it is. We do recommend using another form of payment for urgent orders as we want to be able to help but not at the expense of losing money!

Money orders and cheques are also a payment option but these are used very little - which makes sense really. You're ordering online to save having to go to the shops but then if you pay by cheque or money order you have to either go to the bank or post office and then post it off and wait, wait, wait for us to receive it plus if it's a cheque there's even more time waiting for it to clear. Not very 21st century!

Until next time, use your mastercard and send someone some lollies!


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