Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cheap Gift Giving but Also Very Yummy

I started Rainbow Designs (way back in 2004) with the idea of having cheaper gift hampers/boxes so more people were able to send something - whether it be for a birthday, house warming or just to cheer someone up. This is still so very true today! I've even lowered a LOT of prices which means I may have to work much, much harder and sell a LOT more gifts to make a living but that's just fine with me! I want people to be able to feel comfortable and happy to order form Rainbow Designs and to be able to do it without blowing their budget. Lower prices definitely doesn't mean lower customer service or poor quality products! NO WAY! I work so hard at delivering service that people expect, want and deserve - they're spending their hard earnt money with me so they deserve the very best I can give.

The quality of the lollies and chocolates we use are a major part of our gifts so I always ensure we get the best we can, not gourmet, but well made and, well, yummy! Allens are a definite favourite as is Mars (think M&M's - I LOVE M&M's!!) and Cadbury and Nestle and Trolli (gummi bears are SO popular - they are almost always included in the cravings gift!) We're lucky that we have a great local distributor here in Port Macquarie that stocks most of the yummy confectionery we use plus we also worked with some fantastic businesses who help us with our gorgeous hamper gifts (we've got one in Victoria and one in Queensland).

Delivery has been helped ENORMOUSLY since we started using Toll Express! They have been amazing in their service and delivery times. They surprise me quite often with how fast they can deliver especially to places like Darwin, Perth and Alice Springs - the NEXT day! I think that is pretty special! Their tracking is also great, I can keep an eye on all the parcels we send out and generally be able to update customers when their gift has been delivered. I think this is a nice touch as more often than not they are in another state, sometimes even another country, so it's great that they can feel part of the whole gift giving experience! (and then they can see how long it takes their recipient to say thanks!!).

It's hard work running Rainbow Designs and I have to admit that at times I've had doubts about the success of it and can sometimes get caught up in the day to day BUT in saying that I love working for myself and hearing from happy people and knowing that I was a small help in their lives for just a moment.

And don't forget to eat some chocolate,


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