Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Father's Day is fast approaching!

Another year is flying by, don't they all?? I can't quite believe that Father's Day is only 2 weeks away - I'm sure we just finished Easter!! Sometimes I can't keep up with the speed of the weeks and other times I wish the days would go faster (weekend anyone??)!

We've got a fabulous variety of gifts this year at Rainbow Designs with 'dad' in mind - think licorice, beer, big box of chocolates (all for him!), more beer and even lager and cider if he is that way inclined!

Our yummy range of gifts from Port Macquarie can be ordered up until Wednesday 28 August to ensure delivery is made before Sunday, 1 September and our gorgeous gift hampers from Brisbane and Melbourne need to be ordered by Monday 26 August - the earlier the better really!

Remember, deliveries are not made on the weekend so all orders will be delivered the week leading up to Father's Day - it's up to your dad whether he has the will power or not to not open it until Sunday!

Gifts start at $ there is NO reason to not send your dad something! He deserves it! Just quietly, I think my dear old dad will be getting boring old socks (he can have all the chocolates he wants just about anytime he wants with me close by!) but don't do that to your poor old dad!!! :-)

Take care and don't forget to eat some lollies,


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