Thursday, 22 August 2013

Reasons people send gifts

During the last 9 years we've sent out a lot of gifts for birthdays, probably one of the most common reasons for people sending a gift actually! I think that it's great that we can help people with their gift giving needs and love the fact that with the internet it makes it so much easier and faster! Quite a few of our gifts are 'oh no I forgot such and suchs birthday' I need it delivered FAST, please please please. We do everything we can but there are times when it is just impossible for us to deliver on the date requested, especially when it is needed the same day but it's going to Perth - just can't do it. In these instances we let our customer know that we are unable to deliver on their requested and do suggest that if they require same day delivery to look for a business that is on the same area or even to try a florist. Florists are generally all linked by larger companies (such as Interflora) so use local businesses to do the order requests. Wouldn't it be great if Rainbow Designs had little shops scattered all over Australia!!

Another popular reason for people sending a gift is to say 'sorry' - whether it be for saying something not very nice, for forgetting a special day or for not ringing more often. A little box of chocolates is a great way to say sorry and I'm pretty sure you'll be forgive for whatever it is you did!

Anniversaries have been celebrated a lot with a big box of lollies - from 3 month anniversaries right up to golden and everything in between. It could also be the anniversary of buying a house or getting a job - so many special dates to remember and celebrate!

Main events such as Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas can always guarantee a flurry of orders - generally last minute! It can have me worried at times thinking what terrible sales we've had but them low and behold in they all come, with only moments to spare. Sometimes I do wish people were a bit more organised :-)

So, who's birthday have you forgotten??

Until next time, share a box of chocolates with someone you love


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