Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gifts for someone who has everything?

I have noticed over the last few weeks quite a few people who found Rainbow Designs by using the search term 'gift ideas for someone/couple/friend who has everything'. Lucky them! I guess it is hard to buy a gift for someone who appears to not actually need anything - I think our gift boxes are just the thing. Everyone likes lollies and chocolates, well almost everyone!

It's A Wrap - $60 includes delivery!

This was part of the reason why I started my online gift business around the theme of sweet tooth. It's a gift that can be given to almost everyone for almost all occasions and they're not expensive plus it's so easy to order online - win, win, win!

I love that people love being able to buy something a little different but still mean something to the recipient. I get emails saying how excited the recipient was when they opened their gift and found LOLLIES! Also so many people have said how they love they can send something other than flowers and cheaper than flowers (and yummier!). It is a great feeling knowing that my little business has been used and enjoyed by so many people around Australia and the world - I've had orders from NZ, UK, Japan, Canada, Singapore, USA.... exciting. I love picturing them sitting half way around the world looking at my business online, drooling at all of the yummy gifts and relieved that they haven't missed 'little Johnny's' birthday! Yay for the internet!

So, if you need a gift for someone who has everything - we can help and quite often do! Love it!

Sweet Celebration Hamper - $99 including delivery

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