Friday, 17 May 2013

Chocolate Gift Hamper

Another NEW gift hamper has been added to our yummy collection and it has Chocolate Coated Lollies!! Includes chocolate coated raspberries, pineapples, strawberry & creams, chicos, raspberry bullets plus milk chocolate freckles and chocolate caramel popcorn. All made in Australia using delicious Belgium chocolate. I am hoping it is going to be a winner as I want to be able to keep ordering these delicious lolly chocolates (so I can taste test them ensuring the quality is just right!).

Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate - $65 delivered

I love being able to order from small producers and suppliers within Australia who try and use Aussie ingredients not everything is Australian made but everything is of wonderful quality and taste. If something isn't up to standard we will look for another item to takes it's place. In general I've been pretty lucky with my suppliers I think the main thing I've had problems with has been with the boxes. Noodle boxes, in particular the large noodle boxes, are becoming harder and harder to find. The design was changed a couple of years ago and not as many companies stock them. I have also found that sometimes the quality isn't quite right - the sides of the boxes aren't stuck very well so when I receive a carton I invariably have to get rid of 10-15. What a waste of money! I'm now having issues with the supplier of my patterned boxes (eg cravings, spotty box etc). They are the only ones in Australia who carry these boxes and they carry VERY little quantities and at the moment a lot of the designs I carry they don't have ANY of! Very disappointing and frustrating as they are not going to place an order for them until later in the year - not too helpful to me now though! I have been lokking around for another supplier plus have also contacted the USA company that make them, will wait and see what they have to say!

Mother's Day is over for another year, which I have to say is flying by, and going by the first few months of 2013 it wasn't too bad. Not great but not bad. The next main occasion coming up is Father's Day and then, scarey as it is to think about, it's Christmas!

Until next time,

eat some M&M's!


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