Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pinch and a Punch

Happy 1st of May! It's been a busy morning this morning, hip hooray! We've had a run on Buddy Boxes - this is one of my favourite gifts, I love freckles and choc buds!! I've had a bit of a tidy up in the warehouse and am also in the process of organising a new gift, which I hope to have available in the next few weeks. It will be in a new gift box and will contain an assortment of chocolate coated lollies - Australian made too. Cannot wait to show you!

I've just had to complete my first quarter BAS - well, I say I had to but all I had to do was send off all my statements and my fabulous bookkeeper does the rest. Love it. My 2012 tax was also finalised a couple of weeks ago and happily I received a small refund. Love it. It didn't go far and has already been spent but I'll take a refund any day!

Leading up to Christmas last year I had HUGE dramas with Fastway Couriers and a corporate order that they were meant to deliver. They are couriers afterall. Anyway, things did not go to plan so I had to put in a claim. May 2013 and I am still waiting for it to be approved. Very bad customer service Fastways and unfortunately my lovely franchise in Port Macquarie are the ones to lose out as I do not plan on using Fastways again. In one of the emails from Fastways regarding my claim they said 'We are unable to process the full amount blah blah blah' which I found quite amusing and told them. I said 'you're not unable you are just unwilling' - I am over it, which is probably what they want. Make it too difficult and they'll go away. Go away I will, no more business from Rainbow Designs.

Onto happy things, Mother's Day is just around the corner as is my Nan's 91st birthday! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to her party but I did get to see her a few weeks ago, which was lovely. Have you ordered a gift for your mum yet? If you are ordering something online don't forget to take into account delivery time. We can deliver next day to most areas in Australia but it is always better to order a bit earlier to ensure it arrives in time. Deliveries will be made the week commencing Monday 6 May - and remember we do not have weekend deliveries.

Something new:

Afternoon Tea Hamper - $115 delivered

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