Monday, 13 June 2016

Winter is here and our Lolly Boxes are back!

And so the months whizz on by, how do you all keep up! Time's a bit of a blur and I'm finding it so hard keeping up with it all zooming by and me staying behind. As you may (or may not depending on your care factor) know we stopped our lolly and chocolate boxes with the idea of them coming back in the early part of this year. Early part of this year, gone! So much thought and pondering has been going on and finally we've flicked the switch and our boxes are back. Yay! They've only been back a few weeks now but have shown that they are still as popular as they also were. Phew!

Even though the lolly/chocolate boxes are back we made a few changes in how they're done. With this came a few teething problems but, happy days, these seemed to have been all sorted and we are back to providing fabulously yummy lolly gifts. These gift boxes are being packaged up at our super suppliers warehouse down in Melbourne, where our gorgeous gift hampers are made so I am confident that the quality and care is going to be top notch.

I am so thankful to have met such lovely people who have been behind me and my business for such a long time now, they're my own little cheer squad! To be honest, if it wasn't for them Rainbow Designs would not still be around. I've had my struggles as a small business owner, not only having to do everything on my own but not having anyone to bounce things off or just have a morning coffee with can be tough. It can be isolating and little bit scary. Working with another business has been the confidence builder and belief I have needed to keep things trucking along. It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and to step and help me out when things have got a bit tough and overwhelming for me. Yay for small business owners and their care factor.

May the lollies be with you!

~ Jacqui - Owner of Rainbow Designs

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