Thursday, 16 June 2016

Chocolate, in the name of research

The other evening I was relaxing on my lounge, watching House Hunters and eating chocolate. Nothing earth shattering there but I noticed or thought I did that the taste of the chocolate was different. Still yummy just different. Have you ever noticed any difference in a family block of Cadbury milk chocolate and a bite size share pack?

I'd never really thought about it before or noticed it really but I generally only buy the family size :-). The other week at IGA they had their Favourite on a 'too good to not buy' special and in this mix are small packs of our, well favourites! This is where the taste testing started. I had a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk at home that I'd bought the week before when they were half price. Can't go passed a special like that. I actually bought a 'few' blocks ;-)

This brings us to the 'this tastes different' research, ahem. There is definitely a difference. I found the larger block nicer and a bit smoother. I wonder why that is? Or is it just me? I might have to buy the share size, snack size, family size and the larger 350g size and do a blind tasting - all in the name of research of course! I wonder if I can get some government funding?

Have you ever noticed a difference? I do know that the UK Cadbury's is slightly different to ours as we need to have a higher melt temperature, so that effects the texture/taste a bit. I just don't know why the size of a chocolate bar would change the taste. Oooo, another thought, I wonder if other brands have the same taste difference - the research expands! I like this kind of research ;-)

Let me know if you've done any research on this topic and what your results were. A fun fact finding mission if ever there was one.

Chocolate, same but different or all in the head? I'm off to find out....

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