Monday, 20 June 2016

Keeping on top of things

It is always a good thing to have people helping you within your business, especially the behind the scene stuff. I have a bookkeeper and an accountant for all taxy stuff and the like. BAS, blah but with someone else doing all the numbery things I can, sort of, stay on top of things.

I just got an email from my accountant saying that my tax return hasn't been lodged yet did I want her to do it? Yes, yes I do and thank you for following it up. It is so easy to forget to do things or ensure paperwork is filed or lodged or bills paid so having someone reminding you is great! The longer you put things off the more time consuming and possible expensive they become. Not just the extra time your bookkeepers or accounts may need to spend on putting your bits and pieces together but also the possibility of a fine. eeek.

I got myself into a bit of a pickle a few years back now and have vowed never to let that happen again. Easier said than done but generally all my businessy type things, especially relating to the tax office and my obligations, are taken care of without too much input from me. All I need to do is send through my bank statements and few little details and voila my BAS arrives ready for me to sign and pay.

Even if your business isn't make much (or anything) if it is a business, solo, partnership, whatever you need to ensure you keep on top of your ato obligations. I recommend having a bookkeeper and/or accountant to handle everything for you and to remind you what's needed and when. It may cost a little bit but seriously, the relief and weight off knowing it's all done is so very worth it!

It's almost the end of another financial year so this is your friendly reminder - get your accounts in order now so you're ready to lodge and have it all neatly tucked away and sorted for another year. There's always BAS to keep you on your toes! I do mine quarterly and it comes around so blinkin' fast!

So get to it peeps and be super organised this financial year - hopefully this will help give myself a kick up the butt and I'll actually do as I say :-)

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