Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Our Top 5 Gifts of ALL Time

12 years, that's how long Rainbow Designs, the small business that could, has been around! Who'd have thought? I had hoped but you just never know when starting a business if it (or you) will go the distance. It's been a big old marathon, let me tell you, with many, many ups and downs but Rainbow Designs has survived. Sometimes it's been hanging on by just a thread and other times it's been getting gold medals and high fives. As the old cliche goes 'it's been a roller coaster ride' and I am sure will continue to be!

Over the years there have been many gifts to come and go, some just never popular and some so popular our suppliers ran out of stock but then we've had our 'old faithfuls' that have stood the test of time. Rainbow Designs started very small, with just 3 gifts all based on lollies, and over time expanded to include some glorious hampers. Some didn't worked but many found a place here at Rainbow Designs and some even became our all time favourites!

So, without further waffling, here are our Top 5 Gifts of ALL Time! (dramatic much??)

Coming in at number five with a very impressive display of modesty and chocolate goodness is:

Choco-Lot Gift Hamper - it's had a couple of changes over the years we've sold it but still remains a firm favourite, both with us and our customers!


Next up in position number 4 is:

Sweet Selection Hamper! Yay! This hamper has been with us since almost the beginning and never ceases to delight. We love this hamper!



Coming in at number 3:

Big Lolly Box! This little beauty has been with us since the VERY beginning and not surprisingly, given it's LOLLIES, is Mr Popularity! 


Number 2 is another stayer and been with us since the beginning:

Medium Sweet Tooth Box! Well done you - lollies and chocolates, who would love to receive this gift??


Drum roll please....brrbrrbrrrbrrr. Rainbow Designs' ALL time NUMBER 1 gift is:

Sweet Celebration Hamper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIP HOORAY, for he's a lolly good fellow, for he's a lolly good fellow and so say ALL of us (and you!)!


As you can see our amazing customers are amazing sweet tooths! Lollies for as far as the eye can see or the belly can eat ;-)

It doesn't surprise me at all that our Top 5 Gifts are all lolly or chocolate based, that's what our business has been all about and the owner is a big sweet tooth herself!

Here's to many more chocolates being consumed and sent all across Australia to be enjoyed - thanks everyone for keeping Rainbow Designs alive, her owner appreciates it like you would not believe.

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