Friday, 22 July 2016

National Pyjama Day

Apparently today is national pyjama day* which means you can wear your pj's all day without guilt or recrimination! :-) My nephew asked me the other day, just as we were heading out, if I was going to change out of my pyjamas? I wasn't wearing my jammies but he quite bluntly said 'well it looks like you are'! (note: I didn't change!) So today I'm fine, I can wear my REAL pj's out into the real world and no-on can stop me!

I have to admit I don't particularly want to wear my pj's outside my own house but I would be very happy to laze about in them all day! Jammies are so comfy aren't they?? In having said that though, I did buy a pair of pants the other week which 'technically' are pyjama pants but I wear them as 'real' pants. No-one will know right? Right??

Have you ever just stayed in your pj's even if you had to go out? I've read many a story of mum's picking up their kiddies in the pyjama's. I'm sure the kids LOVED that! ha ha

Jacqui ~ head pj wearing honcho at Rainbow Designs

* By wearing your favourite PJ’s and by making a donation, you’ll be helping to make a difference to the lives of  foster children.

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