Friday, 1 July 2016

Beginning of a New financial year!

Really, a new financial year, really??? Why do some weeks seem to drag on but bas and tax time seem to come around so flippin' fast??? I don't have an answer, maybe it's because I always put them off so by the time I get them done the next lot is almost due!

I have been trying a lot harder to get my statements etc sent off to my patient bookkeepers on time or at least weeks not months after they are requested! On my part it's not actually that hard. I don't really need to do anything except download statements and email them off, no adding or calculating needed at all. So I don't really have any excuse for my tardiness except laziness and lack of motivation. Although a big old fine should be motivation enough!

My goal from now on is to stay relatively organised and ensure all my tax obligations up kept up to date. You can keep me accountable ;-)

I had a deadline for myself this year, which funnily enough was today, on whether or not I would close down Rainbow Designs. I thought it would make things easier to wrap up if I closed at the end of the financial year and not part way through. So, the time has come. What am I going to do? Is it the end of Rainbow Designs?

Click this link to find out if we're still around >>>>>>>>>> To be or not to be

On an even more personal note, thinking of you grandma. Miss you. xx

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