Monday, 11 July 2016

Cadbury Lamington - New

I've just received my weekly roll of 'junk' mail and inside was something amazing! The Woolworths catalogue, not amazing in itself, but inside the Woollies catalogue was an ad for a NEW Cadbury chocolate bar!! Last week it was Coles with the Apple Crumble (which I did partake in and was very underwhelmed) and this week it's the Lamington block! Sounds delicious and definitely something I'll have to get my little mitts on! Not sure if it's just available in Woolworths, will have to pop into Coles and IGA and see if they've got it too.

I love trying new flavours, although I didn't rush out and buy the Vegemite one! I did have a taste of it from a family member who bought it, not my thing. Not awful but I'd rather plain or black forest any day. I guess it's a great marketing ploy more than anything and it appears to work, especially with the Vegemite flavour, that went off on social media!!

Have you tried it yet? Verdict. Better than the Apple Crumble? What flavour would you love Cadbury to make?

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