Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who ate my Kit Kat?

Do you ever buy yourself a treat, especially when you're at the supermarket and they're half price, and put it in the fridge or cupboard for later? I have been known to do this :-) I always like to have a special sweet treat awaiting me and even better is when you forget you bought it and come across it when searching for something yummy to eat! It's like Christmas.

The other week I bought a couple of sweet treats and left them in the crisper of my fridge (that's what it's there for right??) one being a Kit Kat. I quite like Kit Kats and I kept it there for a 'special treat' and had planned on eating it on Sunday evening while relaxing in front of the TV. Do you know what happened?

I'd been thinking about it all afternoon, wishing the time away, dreaming of the moment I will get my little mitts on in. It was a loooooong afternoon ;-) So you can guess, by the blog title, how guttered I was when I finally allow myself to go to the fridge and get my crispy Kit Kat from the crisper and find (well not find actually) it GONE!! I searched every inch of the fridge, even looking in the freezer, to no avail. Someone had eaten my Kit Kat! Who would do such a thing??? I was sad and then annoyed and maybe a little bit angry. I had been so good all week and resisted eating it so I could really enjoy it on Sunday evening only to find some little bugger had already beaten me to it!! The hide of them.

I have a VERY good idea on who STOLE my Kit Kat and have since found a different place for MY chocolatey treats.

So have you ever had anyone steal a special treat that you had been saving for yourself? It's heartbreaking isn't it :-(

Jacqui ~ hider of chocolate

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