Monday, 1 August 2016

One thing

Have you ever gone into a shop with the aim of buying one thing and left with many more things? On occasion I have been known to do that :-)

This morning I had to pop down to the post office to drop some parcels off and thought I'd also pop into Vinnies, which is next door, and see if they had any snow gloves. My nephew has a school trip coming up which involves snow (how lucky is he??) and is after some gloves. So, being the loving aunt that I am, I went in search of some. I have been trying very hard to not buy any books as my house is looking more like a library than a home of late but, it's an op shop, what's a girl to do??

You can see where this is going, can't you?? I left the op shop with two egg cups (for my sister, she collects them and her birthday is coming up) and (sssshhhhhh) seven books. I know, I know but I love reading :-) BUT I also found some gloves, YAY!! So my excuse for buying the books was to celebrate the fact I managed to find some fabulous snow gloves, ha ha. I don't really need an excuse to buy books just be thankful I didn't buy any nic nacs (or dust collectors as my dad calls them!)

Next time I go to the post office I think I might have to leave my purse at home! Now, I'm off to find a sunny spot and read one of my (seven) books ;-)

Jacqui ~ Book loving, bargain hunting, opshopoholic, Rainbow Designs boss lady.

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