Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Well yet again my car has a flat battery! Grrrr. I hardly use my car any more as I walk to just about everywhere and if I go further a field I'm usually with my sister and she drives. The lovely NRMA guy that helped me once before with my flat battery did suggest starting my car at least once a week and let it run for an hour or so. Easier said than done. Ha ha. I had a flat a couple of weeks ago and my sisters lovely boss came to the rescue and helped me get it started. I sat in my car for an hour and revved and revved but then didn't try and start it again for almost 2 weeks and........flat. It almost started but no cigar.

It's a metaphor for my business at the moment, flat. It's been a very flat and uninspiring year so far and currently doesn't look like it's going to unflatten. I know it is all up to me but it does get a bit frustrating when, after 12 years, Rainbow Designs is not ranking very well on Google. I just don't know why?? I try and update the website regularly and have even been trying to be a bit more regular wit blogging (well sort of) plus Facebooking but to no avail. I will keep persisting and not give up yet but I can only keep doing it for so long. Bills done get paid with wishing and hoping and finger crossing, pity really.

Now I just have to go and get a new car battery and jump start my business. Maybe I should put my laptop in the car and be a mobile gift hamper business. Just drive around all day possibly taste testing donuts and coffee along the way. Now there's an idea!

Jacqui ~ flat as a tack Business and car owner!

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