Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Some more small things to Celebrate

So how have you gone celebrating the small things? I hope you've given yourself plenty of pats on the back, you deserve them. No matter how small or insignificant you make think your 'achievements' have been for the week they are still worth celebrating.

Lizards (water dragons) love my front porch and flyscreen door!
My small thing celebrations over the passed week or so include:

  • washed, dried and put away my flannelette sheets ready for the cooler weather (it's almost here) I always like to give them a freshen up wash after they've been sitting there since last winter
  • vacuumed the house including the lounge and behind the doors :-) (and you know how much I love vacuuming, not)
  • cooked up a batch of bolognese mince for the freezer
  • emptied out the spare room of packing boxes (they've only made it as far as the carport but it's a start)
  • written a few more blog posts and did some more seoing (still haven't seen any positive results yet but I will be patient)
  • washed my hair more than once in a week!
  • took my book back to the library (on the last day it was due back) and got some more books
  • went to IGA and bought a few groceries and even scored some bargain Easter eggs (10 redtulip eggs for $1.88, winning!)
  • updated the website to reflect the warehouse move and amended delivery times (our warehouse is now on the Gold Coast!)
  • removed all Easter gifts from the website and updated dates ready for next year (I'm so organised!) FYI: Good Friday next year is March 30.
  • posted about Mother's Day - it's only 3 weeks away
  • researched mobile phone and internet plans (I think I'm going to switch over to ovo.com.au - anyone had any experience with them?)
  • swept the front porch while keeping a close eye out for lizards (they seem to like my porch and flyscreen door for some reason)
  • organised an Easter egg hunt for the kids (including a clue hidden in a bowl of jelly which they had to use only their mouth to get to!)
  • visited our Grandpa's grave (and almost got eaten alive by mozzies!)

Grandpa's plaque (almost 11 years since he passed away, how is that possible?!)

That's about it I think, nothing earth shattering again but at least I accomplished a few things over the last week or so. With business being a tad quiet it can sometimes get on top of me and I could quite easily just pull the covers over my head and block out the world but I know that certainly isn't going get me more orders! So with a determination that I don't always feel I will keep doing what I'm doing, researching and investing more time in helping boost my business and of course eat chocolate

How have you been going over the last few weeks? Kicking goals or just a few behinds ;-) We've got this!

It's been 3 years since my wonderful nan passed away and I miss her every day :-( I love you nan.

Nan always LOVED having her photo taken! I think she would approve of me putting this online (even though she probably wouldn't know what 'online' meant ;-) )

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