Monday, 24 April 2017

Gourmet Cooking Hampers

We can't deny it, we love food especially if someone else cooks it! Ha ha. How about you? Do you love food? Do you love cooking? Do you know someone who adores cooking and spending their day in the kitchen whipping up gourmet delights for friends and family? (We'd love an invite to the next shindig! ;-) )

Italian Pasta Hamper - $135 delivered with gift card

This is where we can help when it comes time to send them a gift, we have quite a few delightful and delicious hampers that have been inspired for master home cooks. Our gourmet cooking hamper range has been put together to help inspire and maybe even reignite their passion for cooking. Each hamper comes with yummy gourmet ingredients and quality chef inspired cooking implements and serving dishes to help create a fun and festive party or a quiet and romantic dinner.

Tantalising Tapas - $125 delivered with gift card

Italian, Spanish and Moroccan with a bit of everyday gourmet in the form of popcorn and homemade icecream. The days of boring dinners and the same old same old will come to an end when these hampers arrive at their door. With the popularity of cooking shows we've found these wonderful gourmet cooking hampers have increased in popularity with people even order a kit for themselves. This always brings an extra big smile to our face when we see people spoiling themselves and their families - nothing brings families together more than food (oh and of course chocolate!)

Popcorn Hamper - $160 delivered with gift card

Bon Appetit!

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