Tuesday, 11 April 2017

It's all about the lollies, lollies, lollies

It's not about the money, money, money (well, it is but mainly it's about the lollies). It's no surprise that we all have a bit of a sweet tooth here at Rainbow Designs, some more so than others, so it definitely isn't a surprise that our lolly gifts are amongst our favourites (especially when there's some 'quality controlling' involved!).

A lot of our gifts have some type of lolly component in them but these gifts have only the lolly component - all of the sweet stuff none of the savoury stuff or even the chocolate stuff (gasp!).

Big Lolly Box - $48 Now this gift has been around as long as Rainbow Designs has, 13 years! I know right, it's a teenager. Filled with attitude and sweetest you just can't resist.

Just Jellybabies - $29 This is a relatively new gift but we did have something very similar a few years back and were prompted into bringing it back by a few of our Jellybaby loving customers!

Just Lollies - $29 Previously known as Lots of Lollies, we changed the name as we were often getting customer enquiries for a gift that had 'just lollies' in it so thought this might help them find exactly what they were looking for!

Little Sweetie - $50 A very popular lolly hamper we must say and I totally understand why. It's a great price, looks fabulous and has many sweet little goodies to keep that sugar fiend friend happy, happy, happy. The lollies in this hamper do get swapped around from time to time depending on what our supplier has sent us and what we think fits the 'little sweetie' theme - always a winner and makes a super sweet birthday gift as well as a special little thank you present.

Sugar Coat It - $29 Now I have to admit I added this little gift to our range as my favourite type of lolly (at the moment anyway, this can change monthly!) is the jube. Soft or hard, they're just so deliciously comforting and a lovely little pick me up throughout the day. I know they keep me trucking along when things are getting a bit frantic.

So there you have our range of Lolly Gifts but don't forget we have a whole other range of Lolly and Chocolate gifts as well as elegant and super special Hampers with the inclusion of divine lollies to tempt even the fussiest of sweet tooths!

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs Boss(y) lady and jube lover from way back

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