Thursday, 6 April 2017

Potential, Possibilities and Persistence

The three P's I chant each morning as I start up my computer. The potential for so many orders to have come in over night, the possibilities of customer and corporate enquiries and the persistence I need to get me through the day.

Within a few minutes of my computer starting up and the internet connecting the first two P's are revealed and, unfortunately, more often than not they are wiped off and added to tomorrows three P's list. The third P, persistence, is always hanging on even if only by a finger nail (which have been chewed almost to the bone) and thus the day begins.

It's a bit like groundhog day lately, same thing day in day out even if I do try a few different or new things to help kickstart my business again. Round and round I go where I'll stop nobody knows. I'm getting a bit dizzy to be honest and just want to get off!

Just around the corner from my house - I was very lucky indeed!
But persist I will, for now any way. I was spared from the floods last week so I am taking it as a good sign, sign for exactly what I'm not sure but I'll take it.

With Easter almost upon us you would think the orders would be flying in, sadly no. I haven't given up all hope. I know how fabulous our Easter gifts are I just need to get everyone else to see that too - I am trying don't you worry about that!

Just looking at this brings a smile to my face and maybe a little drool!
Take care,

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady

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