Monday, 3 April 2017

Are you secure?

Rainbow Designs and I have survived the awful floods but so many others are still dealing with it. So much destruction and mess, a big clean up is currently underway. Everyone is banding together which is so wonderful to see.

During all this my security certificate on the website expired and didn't update it's self so left Rainbow Designs as 'insecure'. This is an automatic thing each year but the way it gets done had changed from last year so by the time I realised it was already coming up as 'danger, this website is insecure'! Even though technically my website itself doesn't need to be secure as we don't 'catch' any of the payment information, like credit cards etc, these are all done on the banks website which is secure. I just like to have it on my website as more of an extra assurance to my customers so it doesn't help when it expires and brings up a big old warning! Anyway, it's all fixed now and we are super secure again :-) Sorry if anyone went on over the weekend and got a bit spooked - it's all better now.

Due to this slight hiccup(!) very few orders came in over the weekend, boo. I am hoping now that everything is as it should be the Easter orders in particular will pick up. I've got a few bills starting to pile up so really need a bit of cash to pay them :-) Living on beans and rice is getting a bit boring.

It's still spins me out that my business has been running for 13 years, wow. I'm just hoping 13 isn't unlucky and this is as far as it gets!

School holidays are about to start here, some have already started, which the kids are looking forward to. Although at the moment the schools are still closed so they've got a bit of a preholiday holiday. A few of the schools got flooded and some are just wanting to check everything is safe, especially the electricals, before reopening plus there are many people that are trying to get their homes and lives back in order.

We're planning an Easter egg hunt as requested by one of the kids so I've been given the task of coming up with some 'fun and not too hard' clues - I love doing this sort of thing! I'll have to get my thinking cap out. I was also thinking of maybe having a pinata? Never had one of these before, thought it might be a fun way to end the hunt. Just have to work out where to put it so it isn't found too earlier plus I need to find a smallish pinata somewhere and then fill it with Easter eggs! Fun!

I hope you all stayed safe and dry over these last few days and have plenty of help and support if you were caught up in it. Take it one day at a time and try not to get to overwhelmed. It's a daunting task but you will get through it. Please ask for help don't think you need to do it alone. There are a lot of people around for help and support. I've noticed there are many Facebook pages (this is the Murwillumbah one) going up with offers of support and information on what is happening in the area, maybe check there for your area if you are able.

Thanks everyone for your continued support of Rainbow Designs and if you do need any Easter gifts sending out now is the time to order (we are secure, he he) - remember to allow extra time for deliveries to rural and country areas as well as areas that have been affected by the floods. These areas may not have a delivery service for awhile so may just be delivered to the local post office or collection centres.

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) and Easter egg hunt organiser for 2017

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