Friday, 6 February 2015

L is for...Lollies (what else!)

We've had word from our Confectionery supplier that Allen's Confectionery are no longer making:

Green Frogs (what the??!!)
Spearmint Leaves (an old child hood favourite)


Marella Jubes (these are one of my favourite types of lollies - boo)

Are any of these your FAVOURITE?

I have managed to find another maker of Spearmint Leaves - they're fatter than the Allen's ones but just as yummy (maybe even yummier!) but I'm still on the hunt for yummy jubes and green frogs. I have had the multi coloured frogs before, which I may get again if I can't find just green.

Allen's have also made changes to some of their other lollies including a swap to all natural colouring. This happened at the beginning of last year and meant that a BIG favourite went missing - the blue F1 Race Car and Snake, this displeased many. The blue has been replaced with a purply colour and is meant to still taste the same, although I think even the flavour has changed some what. Their Jelly Beans have also changed and are now smaller but I think even YUMMIER and they still have blue. Apparently it is easier to create a natural blue with the harder style lollies than the more gummier ones, like snakes. Who knew??

We love lollies at Rainbow Designs, as if you didn't know and are always on the lookout for new or returning old favourites.......what's your favourite lolly? I use to love musk sticks but now, not so much. I think snakes (red, green & orange only) and raspberries are my favourite lollies but I do have to admit I'm more a 'chocolate' girl!

Take care and don't forget to eat some lollies,

Jacqui (boss lady)

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