Friday, 30 January 2015

K is for....Kilo

Hi guys, well we are well and truly back from our lovely break of the Christmas/New Year period and back into the swing of things again. As I am sure you all are! Don't the holidays go fast??

Christmas with the family! Look at those presents!!

Kilo - a kilo of lollies maybe or maybe you've put on a kilo over the break (or lost a kilo) or eaten a kilo's worth of Christmas pudding (that may explain the weight or that you don't like pudding)? On my birthday I had a huge pizza, all to myself - I'm sure it was more than a kilo!! I couldn't quite eat it all but I gave it a red hot try!

It tasted as good as it looks!!

Our very first gift here at Rainbow Designs was our Kilo and Half Kilo Noodle Box gifts and up until recently they're were still our most popular of ALL of our yummy gifts! We found out a few months ago that NO-ONE was making the large, kilo sized noodle boxes any more, queue the sad face, what were we going to do?? Get something else of course! Currently we have our yummy kilo gifts packed in gorgeous, keepsake tins and they are still proving to be as popular as even. Can't keep a good thing down :-)

We're going to keep things pretty steady in the coming months with no new gifts planned just being content with the fabulous gifts and hampers we currently have available. It's hard work running this business and sometimes what we think are great new gifts just don't turn out to the that way. We will no longer be doing any dietary styled gifts as these just did not sell for us. We've got a few Gluten Free Lolly Gifts left but once they are sold that will be it. I know there are some other lovely Gift Hamper businesses that will be able to help you out in this department if the need arises so you need not worry - we've got your back! You can try: Brizzie Baskets, Signed Sealed Delivered and The Basketcase.

Keep on buying our Kilo and Half Kilo gifts and we'll Keep on (being in business) delivery great service and yummy gifts.

Thanks everyone and don't forget to eat some chocolate!

Jacqui (boss lady)

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