Friday, 20 February 2015

N is for...Nan

I know this is a business page but my business would not be here if it wasn't for my family! My family mean everything to me, even if sometimes they can annoy the hell out of me :-)

Nan, my wonderful nan - I love you. I miss you more than words can say, sometimes more than my heart can bare. You were one truly classy lady Nan and always, ALWAYS believed in me. Thank you. You have been a part of my whole life, from when I was chubby checker baby to a 'oh my god I have grey hairs' middle aged girl. I was always 'your girl'. I will always be your girl. Nan, I love you.

Family was everything to you and no one could say a bad word about any of your family or they would have to answer to you! You defended us all, even if sometimes maybe we didn't deserve. You saw the best in us.

I think of you every day nan and wear your ring every day with love and with pride and sometimes with sadness - you should be here, wearing it.

The classiest fisherlady there ever was!

I hope you're with poppy and Aunty Doris and having a big old adventure, you probably haven't stop gasbagging since meeting up with Aunty Doris again :-)

Yes Nan, I am still selling lollies in little white boxes. You couldn't quite get your head around the whole internet thing but you still loved to hear when I got a 'big' order - I think you thought it was quite amazing that I could turn my computer on and print out an order for 100 gifts to go to people all over Australia. Isn't that wonderful, you'd say. Indeed it is Nan.

Whenever business is a bit slow or I'm just having a bad day I always thing of you Nan and remember everything you did in your amazing life - the hard times you got through and the wonderful life you created and know that I will be ok.

Thank you Nan - Rainbow Designs and all of it's colour and joy it brings to people is dedicated to you.

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