Friday, 13 February 2015

M is for...Money

I was going to do M is for M&M's because I could 'almost' live on M&M's but thought I'd try a non confectionery blog post for a change :-)

Money, the root of all evil (and good). It's been a topsy turvy 11 years for Rainbow Designs with money being the constant factor in the topsy turvyness! Good days, bad days but unfortunately it is appearing there are a lot more bad days than good lately - this does not make for a very successful business.

At least I always have a supply of chocolate!!

It's great being your own boss and running your own business but it is also very stressful and, sometimes, even a bit depressing. All that work, all that time, effort and money for.....what? Well, for the satisfaction of having gone from an idea to a real business, from a dodgy website to a professionally made one, from 4 gifts to many, from no customers to many regular customers...

I've loved every (well most) moment of running my business BUT maybe the time is coming for me to move onto something else? Business seems to be slowing down and maybe even getting to the point of not been viable any more. Something I will have to go through with my accountant in the near future.

For now, I will keep running my business, getting up each morning and printing out the orders (sadly sometimes this is singular) and filling my noodle boxes and tins, walking to Toll and emailing suppliers, oh and writing on FB and this blog!

Thanks for being part of my journey with Rainbow Designs, maybe we'll continue together, maybe we'll go our separate ways. Either way - ONWARDS and UPWARDS!

and don't forget to eat LOTS of chocolate,

Jacqui (boss lady)

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