Monday, 23 February 2015

Hampers for the Foodie

There is no denying it, the Rainbow Designs family are FOODIES! We love our food (especially if someone else is cooking!) and with our gorgeous gourmet foodie gift hampers we have been spoiled for choice - what to make (or get someone else to make - hey kids!)?

Pizza - this is my MOST favourite thing to make and eat. It's easy, everyone loves it as you put what YOU want on it, it's a fun activity to do with friends and family and as a bonus you get something yummy at the end of it!

Popcorn - movie night or rainy day activity, popcorn is a must have when the lights go down and the movie titles start. You can make it sweet or savoury, healthy or not so healthy, in a huge bowl or individual tubs or even in zip lock bags ready for school the next day or a bush walking snack. Our favourite is with butter and a sprinkle of salt or for a sweeter alternative we sprinkle it with some icing sugar, yum!

Paella - a great family dish or when friends come over for dinner. Open a bottle of wine and let the fiesta begin. Filled with wonderful flavours and gorgeous fresh seafood, this is a wonderful way to show off your cooking skills without too much sweat and toil! For best results a gas hob is recommended or if your more outdoorsy try the open fire. We love fresh king prawns, scallops, calamari and large pieces for fish fillets (use any of your types of favourite fish). Chorizo adds a wonderful spicy element and for the non seafoodies how about chicken pieces, tasty pork meatballs or even luscious lamb cutlets!

Tapas - another sensational foodie favourite. Small (or large!) dishes of delicious food made for sharing. Meat or vegetarian, spicy or mild Tapas is perfect for all tastebuds or for people that just can't make up their mind what to have! Arancini Balls are my favourite (these are a cheesey rice/risotto fried balls), meatballs with a yummy spicy sauce, spanish olives, calamari with garlic & lemon, chorizo and cheese skewers...the choice is endless (and yummy!)

So if you know a food lover or a budding chef (or you just want to be invited over for a meal!) then send them one of our fabulous foodie inspired gift hampers - they are a sure fire winner (for you and them!).

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