Wednesday, 25 February 2015

For the love of Beer!

We've heard the call and we've answered with a bootful of beertastic beer hampers - cheers!

After Work Beers - don't mind if I do! This beer hamper is complimented with beer nuts and corn chips, a man feast if ever there was one!

Boutique Beer and Savoury Snacks - ooh la la, fancy beer for the fancy lad in your life! Combine the 12, I've been everywhere man, beer with corn chips, salsa, spicy peanuts and pretzels and you are guaranteed to be known as THE BEST GIFT GIVER EVER!

His Favourite Hamper - all for him no pressure to share. This is HIS gift and HIS along, perfect for watching his favourite footy team get flogged, I mean kick some goals or maybe help him cheer Lowndsey on at Clipsal. Whatever the reason or sporting event this is HIS HAMPER complete with HIS FAVOURITE things. Beer. Beer. Beer. and a bit more Beer. There's also pretzels, peanuts, salsa and corn chips - we don't want him to starve now do we??

The Ultimate Cider Gift Hamper - Are the more a cider sipper than a lager lover? Broaden their cider horizons with this hamper - it includes apple cider and, wait for it, pear cider! oooooh fancy!

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