Friday, 27 March 2015

S is for...Smile and Sara Lee Icecream

Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate Icecream is my hero. She picks me up when I fall down, she makes me smile when I frown, she brings laughter to the day and helps finish a meal with hip hip hooray! Yes, yes I do love Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate icecream and I'm not afraid to admit it! Sadly it's been a bit of a rarity around these parts and only makes it's way into my freezer when there's big old special on - half price, you got me!

Now I admit I'm pushing the boundaries a bit with this 'S is for' but it's true, SEND EASTER EGGS - Easter is NEXT week! We don't want anyone to miss out on Easter eggs! Good Friday is April 3 so you really need to get yourself organised if you are planning on sending Easter gifts this year.

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