Friday, 3 April 2015

T is for...Tupy

Michelle Tupy.

Michelle has been working with me for a few years, off and on, helping with the 'writing' side of things. So things like this blog, Facebook posts and our Newsletter. With Rainbow Designs being rather quiet and the money side of things becoming tighter and tighter as the months have gone on I had to make the decision to pause Michelle's writing and start doing it myself again. I was disappointed in myself that I was unable to continue to use Michelle's services and give her a regular, if not small, pay each month - maybe things will pick up again or I head in another direction and I will be able to use her incredible writing skills again! Fingers crossed.

Michelle not only ghost writes blogs, newsletters etc but she has also written a book (Love Alters), is in the processing of writing another one (An Unexpected Kindness) and also has her own travel story and Facebook page - she is one busy and very talented lady.

Michelle and her gorgeous son Matthew

I am so grateful to have had Michelle come into my life, we met online many years ago when we both were members of an online business forum (which has since disappeared) and we were both running online gift businesses. Michelle sold her business and moved, to China! Obviously I've still got my business but in all honesty don't think I would if it wasn't for Michelle. Michelle has been a springboard for me to bounce ideas off, vent, complain, worry to and she takes it all in her stride!

Michelle's currently living in Cusco, Peru but is set for an AMAZING adventure with her husband and two kids - traveling from Cusco all the way to Canada in a Combie! Way to go Michelle.

And Off We Went is her blog about her adventures, from home schooling to running a hostel and every weird and wonderful thing in between. Nothing fazes Michelle, not even a missing tooth!

If you ever are in need of a writer or someone to help you publish your book, Michelle is the girl to contact!

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