Friday, 6 March 2015

P is for...Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? Does it inspire you or make you feel a bit inadequate? Good gracious some people are just so talented aren't they?? I don't think I would ever be game or brave enough to put a photo up of any the cakes I've attempted to make or canvases I've *cough cough* painted!

I do have a Pinterest account for Rainbow Designs which I showoff our yummy gifts plus I have other boards of things I find interesting or drool worthy! Travel, food, furniture, books & movies and other small businesses are my main interests, especially on Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of those things that can make time disappear if you let it - so easy to get lost in all of the amazingness on there. I'm not very frequent on my pinning and can go through stages where I pin, pin, pin madly and then nothing for a few months. What about you?

It is a great place to get inspiration and ideas from and to be able to drop a few hints too ;-) Make a comment on one of our yummy gifts or a gorgeous piece of jewellery, just before your birthday - no harm in trying!

Has Pinterest helped you with any decorating dilemmas or given you some party ideas, how about holiday destinations or how to cut a watermelon without chopping your fingers off, maybe you've got some great recipes or found a meme that made you laugh out loud?? Share..please.

Don't forget to eat some lollies while pinning,

Jacqui (boss lady)

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