Friday, 20 March 2015

R is for...Rainbow Designs

How did the name Rainbow Designs come about?

Well, it actually started with my sister thinking about starting a small business selling games, activities, toys for kids! She registered the name then we did a market selling paint your own wood critters and decided we didn't like doing markets. The enthusiasm waned.... about 6 or so months later I decided to start my business (which is Rainbow Designs) but being short of cash and not that confident in myself I asked my sister if I could use her business name and the rest is history :-)

When you read up on the best names to use for your business they recommend putting what you sell in the name and starting you business with an early letter in the alphabet. These are both meant to help you rank better in the organic search terms and to show up higher in business listings. ooops. I could have added Gifts to Rainbow Designs thus becoming Rainbow Designs Gifts but never bothered, I really don't think it would make any difference anyway. My business has been online long enough now that I think if I changed the name I would do more harm than good. I did name this blog rainbowdesignsgifts though :-)

2004 was when I first started Rainbow Designs and it took almost 4 weeks before I received my very first order. I can still remember the huge smile on my face when it came through! I didn't have any stock then and was just planning on buying on a need to basis so off I toddle to the local 5 Star Supermarket to get my lollies - thank goodness things have changed and I get my confectionery delivered to me by the kilo loads! Generally a delivery will be about 150kg of various lollies and chocolates - quite a few trolley loads :-)

In essence Rainbow Designs hasn't changed much over the years I've just improved on things, like packaging and display. It's only been the last couple of years that I have been gift wrapping each gift but I think it makes such a big difference. So much more exciting receiving an actual 'present' than just a cardboard box, even though the gift inside is still the same. Small things people, small things.

I don't know how long Rainbow Designs will continue to be around but while it is I will continue to do the very best I can and make sure my customers and their recipients enjoy the Rainbow Designs experience.

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