Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The 9am slump

Easter orders are starting to come in now, which is great, including a lovely corporate order. It's only a few weeks now until Easter arrives (yes really) so I'm hoping the orders continue and grow over the coming weeks. As I've previously mentioned it's been a bit of a lean time for Rainbow Designs these last couple of years so a boost this Easter would be very welcomed indeed.

Easter Gifts galore! from $33

I'm trying to get in the habit of having breakfast but I'm not doing a very good job of it! This morning I've got my yoghurt and muesli happening but for the most part I don't really eat anything until around 1pm (yoghurt and muesli) and just drink tea and maybe some chocolate. This isn't the ideal way to keep my energy levels up or my motivation levels for that matter. I can find myself hitting my 3pm slump at about 9am some days! I've also started to do some exercise as since moving to northern NSW I don't walk nearly as much as I did back in Port Mac. The scenery's not quite the same plus I need a reason to walk, I don't just walk for the sake of walking. Now that I've joined the local library that gives me somewhere to walk to. It's only about a km away so not a huge walk but better than nothing.

Port Macquarie - that isn't me up there!
I'm thinking about buying an exercise bike ($89 at kmart) but will have to wait and see how the Easter orders go first before splurging. ;-) It's not really what I call an essential and as mentioned in a previous post I am limiting my personal spending on just the basics to try and get back on track. It is relatively easy to do except when it comes to family and wanting to do stuff with them. Free activities is certainly getting a good work out on google these days!

So another day of writing and updating, googling and budgeting, procrastinating and pulling my finger out - this is the life, ha ha.

It's a nice rainy day here today which I find makes being indoors a lot nicer and generally makes me work more efficiently and productively. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything when it's grey and raining as opposed to when it's bright and sunny, I think that's what's termed as fomo (fear of missing out). Not sure what I think I'm missing out on but anyway....

Morning cuppa and yoghurt
Do you eat breakfast? What do you have? I need some 'easy' ideas.

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady and rainy day lover (unless of course I have to go out in said rain!)

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